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Cómo personalizar tu blog con CSS (HigherEd BlogCon 2006 – Lawson)

27 abril 2006

Hace dos semanas que voy almacenando en mi Bloglines como no leídos unos cuantos posts de HigherEd BlogCon sin que me de tiempo a echarles un vistazo, pero el de hoy, aunque lo he leído por encima, promete ser un recurso muy interesante para cuando tenga tiempo de cacharrear con la parte más técnica y de diseño de este blog.

Know Enough to be Dangerous: Tools for taking control of HTML and CSS, por Steve Lawson

This session is designed to help you learn enough about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to feel comfortable making changes to your blogs and other web pages. It will work like a case study; we'll start with a blog right "out of the box," and use free tools like the Firefox Web Developer extension to customize and personalize the blog. In the process, you will gain confidence in making small changes to existing templates, preparing you for more extensive, adventurous changes in the future.
Additionally, this presentation has many links and pointers to further reading for those who either need more background on the fundamentals of HTML and CSS or who want to explore the ideas and techniques introduced in the session in greater depth.