“Must do”: biblioteca educadora, library 2.0, blogs en clase, comentarios en los blogs…

Después de sufrir el mismo mal del que hablaba ayer Rivarela (¿lo mismo hay un virus?), empezaré la recuperación con algo suave…, por ejemplo, revisar en mi Bloglines los 117 posts marcados como “keep new” que he ido acumulando y recoger aquí algunos de los artículos de los que me interesa no dejar caer en el olvido.

HAPKE, Thomas. In-formation’ of Better Learning Environments – the Educational Role of the University Library.

overview of the close connection between learning – which is seen as a constructivist, active, self-directed and social process – and the university library. It discusses the role of the university library in the electronic learning environment, and considers the physical library as a place of learning which is not out of date. It also regards information literacy as the key to the library’s educational role regarding its contents. Organisational issues hold the three points mentioned above together, the learning library as the prerequisite of the learning-empowering and learning-facilitating library.

[vía E-LIS]
AYREN, Lory Bowen. Data Mining for Information Professionals.

written for information professionals who would like a better understanding of knowledge discovery and data mining techniques. It explains the historical development of this new discipline, explains specific data mining methods, and concludes that future development should focus on developing tools and techniques that yield useful knowledge without invading individual privacy

[vía TechEssence.Info]
MISHNE, G.;GLANCE, Natalie. Leave a Reply: An Analysis of Weblog Comments.

large-scale study of weblog comments, a domain often neglected in computational studies of weblogs; according to our analysis, comments constitute a substantial part of the blogosphere, accounting for up to 30% of the volume of weblog posts themselves.weblog retrieval (in terms of number of results), and is beneficial for ranking weblog posts in new, potentially useful ways. […] usage of comments improves

[vía Mathemagenic y Véaseademás]

RICHARDSON, Will. Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms.

for FREE at Amazon. They just added the “Search This Book” feature to the page, and even though you only get to see three pages per search, if you keep searching for a word at the bottom of the third page, you get the next two pages and the next two pages etc. Some work, but it can be done. At the very least, the cool thing is you can now search it.

[vía Weblogged]

MILLER, Paul. Library 2.0: the challenge of disruptive innovation.

we explored some of the ways by which Library 2.0’s promise will be realised in mainstream libraries as well as at the leading edge. We suggested that a common Platform of data and of ‘functions’ would allow both libraries and third parties to construct a new generation of applications, in which library services might appear alongside those from other libraries, or relevant organisations beyond the library sector.

[vía HigherEdBlogCon]

Por cierto, tendré que volver a revisar las conferencias de HigherEdBlogCon, porque creo que en su día me dejé alguna interesante. Voy a abrir una nueva categoría: Must do, para ir apuntando todos los que dejo con deberes… ¡estoy a punto de recaer!

Bueno, aún quedan algunos más, pero creo que ya ha demasiado batiburrillo, demasiados temas diferentes en un post… pero no quería dejar pasar otro día.


3 comentarios to ““Must do”: biblioteca educadora, library 2.0, blogs en clase, comentarios en los blogs…”

  1. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. Alvaro Padilla Says:

    hola aqui les dejo la url de una biblioteca muy buena

  3. Albina-wm Says:


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